Our company is specialized to carry out applied geology and drilling works in the field of hydrogeology and engineering geology.

Our employees have extensive experience with solving problems from these fields

of work in Slovenia and also abroad.

We colaborates in solving problems

of water supply in a large number of

Slovenian municipalities (research,

planning and design and execution of

all type of wells, bore holes and piezometers).

We use all drilling methods and technologies

included variety of standardized and environmentally friendly media for flushing boreholes and wells (compressed air, bentonite and polymer muds).


Geotermalna vrtina na Hrvaškem, 1200m, 20l/s, 60°C
Works we perform

  • Hydrogeological and engineering geological surveys, studies, design and revision of bore holes mining projects and all other research projects for the purpose of irrigation, land drainage, construction of dams on rivers, drainage of mines, etc. ..

  • Research and exploitation drilling boreholes and wells for drinking, thermal and mineral water to a depth of 1800m.

  • Production of drilled wells and large diameter piles, piezometers, boreholes for geotechnical probe, etc...

  • Drilling structural boreholes for geological and geotechnical surveys.